About us

AMKG Surgical & Medical Equipments was established in 2015, with a MISSION to bring the benefits to the ever evolving innovations in the Health Care Domain to today's health care professionals and institutions. Since its inception, the company has showed steady growth and development and has captured a prominent and formidable position amongst the highly rated companies in its territory and widening throughout the country. Read More


AMKG will be a recognised leader in the Healthcare segment and a solution provider in KSA, offering products and services to ensure efficient and effective care through innovation and will expand its operations in South Asia, India and Africa.


Integrity : Trustworthiness, modesty, loyalty and honesty in every action.

Individual Dignity : Provide a great work environment to learn, innovate, grow and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Sustainable Growth : Gain the confidence and trust of our investors and stakeholders.

Safety : Create a safe working environment for our teammates by adopting stringent health, safety and environment policies, and manufacture products that comply with the applicable standards to ensure patient safety.

Innovation : Continuous improvement in processes, services and products.

Customer Delight : Strive to deliver results beyond expectation, every time and to every customer.